Monday, August 6, 2012

Brother's Picnic - Flash Fiction

Brother's Picnic

Flash Fiction 
Side story to Wrath on Earth

“This is no Sunday school picnic!”

“Well I won’t be blessing anything, if that’s what you mean.” I rubbed my eyes to remove what seemed like black ink leaking from my pupils.

“This can’t be happening.” Panic rose in her voice.

“Would you have rather I let you be food for my brother?” The thought had crossed my mind to let him have her but then I had this nagging ache in my belly. It just proceeded to worsen as the seconds wore on. Phasing took a lot out of this body but I was gaining more control and becoming stronger.


“Vyllerei’s food isn’t just eating. It’s overindulgence of anything and everything including your flesh.” I knew my brother wouldn’t be satisfied unless she had died while eating the body he was wearing. He’s done it before with the pretty ones. So beautiful he could eat them up and he wanted them to think he was just as beautiful.

Part of me was angry that he had the option of discarding his body and finding another and another part of me was angry for the wrong reasons. It was sick to think I would be so upset if he had used Elsa that way.

Something was wrong with me.

“You’re eyes are black.” Elsa stepped forward and touched my cheek.

I don’t feel like the demon I was months ago.

“You’re safe.” I held her hand to my face then pulled her close. I won’t let him have her.

250 words

Stevie McCoy

Note: Vyllerei = German for Gluttony

This Flash Fiction inspired by #unZombie prompt by

The prompt I chose to include in my piece was : “This is no Sunday school picnic!”
What Flash Fiction can you come up with using this prompt phrase?

This Flash Fiction is based on the story WRATH ON EARTH, You can follow along with this paranormal romance every Thursday and Friday.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Into the Living Part 6

Into the Living - Chap 1 Part 6

I’d leave to avoid whatever life this boy had but this body was so weak and after using my materialization technique. I could hardly lift this new head of mine to see these human’s faces as they dragged me out the door. Using my abilities too soon after death must’ve been the breaking point for this fragile vessel.

Humanity was too fragile.

How could I, the second son of seven, be brought to such a state of being?

I am now a Being…

But only in part so I shall continue my mission and then return to my throne. Yes, I’ll continue and then return. This was only temporary.

“Mom.” My head lay on her lap in the backseat of the vehicle.


“What if he barfs on me?” She looked down at my vacant eyes. All I could do was stare absently.

“You’re easy to clean, the car isn’t. So you’d better hope he barfs on you instead of the car.”

“What?” She acted surprised, “What is this?”

“What’re you talking about?”

“He has fresh burns on his face.” Her hand lifted to brush the hair behind my ear to see the end of my father’s mark. Such soft hands. They glazed across my burn and a loud noise echoed within the car.

“What did you do?!” Her mom pressed the gas pedal in panic.

“I…I touched it.” Her hand was held within her other hand looking at it in shock. It was as if she were punishing her hand for touching me.

“Why did you do that? It could get infected!”

“I don’t know. I just… I just felt I had to. Mom hurry, I think I did something bad. His neck is bleeding!”

“We’re almost there. Tell him to hang in there.” I could sense her grip on the steering wheel and the tension in the car made my new body hum.

This was what I was looking for.

I craved to feel them excite and tighten their muscles in an act of compensation for the wrong in their life. How boring it was to have them just sit there like puppets feeling sorry for themselves.

“How beautiful.” The words escaped my lips as I felt the car continue to fill with anxiety. How wonderful.

“Don’t leave. Hold on!” She took my face in her hands and stared deeply into my eyes, “You have a choice to live.” Her eyes swelled with moisture.

This too was beautiful.

410 words

Chapter 1 mission completed

(To be continued...with Chapter 2 )
The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun: Preview: "“So his parents are on their way? Thank goodness.” Mrs. Cloud collapsed into the chair.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Into the Living Part 5

 Into the Living - Chapter 1 Part 5

 “I am…” My words were stunted as the contents of this boy’s stomach were excreted to pavement. He had swallowed so much water that for the most part that’s what it was.

“Uhhh.” She looked at her shoes with a pained expression, “Can you make it to the restroom?”

I looked around my brain was muddled.

“It’s over here.” She answered assisting my barely mobile body into a building, “Mom! Can you help me? This boy was outside our house barfing. He got it on my shoes!”

Footsteps stomped down the stairs, “What are you doing bringing him into our home?” She looked concerned, “He could’ve been drinking. He could be preparing to…”

“Does he look like he’s capable right now? He’s barely standing. Look.” She said as I felt my body falling. The wood flooring seemed soft then her mother gasped as a groan escaped my lips.

“Would you rather I left him to be like this outside our house?”

“We’re not taking him inside our home. I’m grabbing my keys we’ll take him to the hospital.”

“He might get into trouble that way.” She looked at me with sympathetic eyes. I rolled my own as I felt this body ache in ways I couldn’t even remember feeling before. Getting in trouble with this world’s authority was the least of any worries if I had them.

“Well then that was his own doing but we’ll not stand around pretending we’re doctors when he could need a stomach pumping or something.”
251 words

(To be continued... click next)
The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun: Preview: "She took my face in her hands and stared deeply into my eyes, “You have a choice to live.”


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Papercut- Flashfiction

Day 1 – Thinking
Though I do not plan on posting every day this month for BlogFlash2012 this particular prompt has inspired quite a few awesome flash fiction pieces around the webosphere. Thus inspiring me to contribute. A couple of my favorites that I have read were from @JDWenzel  Titled Hard and @Rowanwolf66 titled The Thinker

 Check them out for sure and now for my own inspired Flash Fiction piece. 

By Stevie McCoy

I was merely a boy but I didn’t feel like this was my fate. There was a battle within me between the reactions this body wanted from me and the reactions I wanted to give.

“Did that paper piss you off?” A sweet voice called to me. It was like sugar melting in my ears but like most sweets I didn’t want any part of it. Too much was bound to make me bleed.

“Excuse me?” I looked away from my desk and into her simple human eyes.

“If you stare at it much longer like that it may as well burst into flames.” She giggled while playfully snatching the ruled paper from beneath my gaze.

I was a demon trapped within the confines of this boy’s body forced to follow the human standards of school and socialization. I hadn’t decided whether my father was torturing me or giving me a gift that I haven’t quite realized how to utilize yet.

“It might be more useful that way.” I slowly slide the paper from her fingers knowing full well that at the last second it would give her a bloodless cut.

“In flames?” She winced and pulled her hand away, “Ow.”

“Yes?” I looked at her waiting for her reaction.

“Papercut… It’s nothing.” She placed her finger in her mouth and suckled on her wound. This, I thought, was beautiful. Maybe Earth won’t be so bad after all.

238 words

This Flash Fiction is based on the story WRATH ON EARTH, You can follow along with this paranormal romance every Thursday and Friday.