Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Papercut- Flashfiction

Day 1 – Thinking
Though I do not plan on posting every day this month for BlogFlash2012 this particular prompt has inspired quite a few awesome flash fiction pieces around the webosphere. Thus inspiring me to contribute. A couple of my favorites that I have read were from @JDWenzel  Titled Hard and @Rowanwolf66 titled The Thinker

 Check them out for sure and now for my own inspired Flash Fiction piece. 

By Stevie McCoy

I was merely a boy but I didn’t feel like this was my fate. There was a battle within me between the reactions this body wanted from me and the reactions I wanted to give.

“Did that paper piss you off?” A sweet voice called to me. It was like sugar melting in my ears but like most sweets I didn’t want any part of it. Too much was bound to make me bleed.

“Excuse me?” I looked away from my desk and into her simple human eyes.

“If you stare at it much longer like that it may as well burst into flames.” She giggled while playfully snatching the ruled paper from beneath my gaze.

I was a demon trapped within the confines of this boy’s body forced to follow the human standards of school and socialization. I hadn’t decided whether my father was torturing me or giving me a gift that I haven’t quite realized how to utilize yet.

“It might be more useful that way.” I slowly slide the paper from her fingers knowing full well that at the last second it would give her a bloodless cut.

“In flames?” She winced and pulled her hand away, “Ow.”

“Yes?” I looked at her waiting for her reaction.

“Papercut… It’s nothing.” She placed her finger in her mouth and suckled on her wound. This, I thought, was beautiful. Maybe Earth won’t be so bad after all.

238 words

This Flash Fiction is based on the story WRATH ON EARTH, You can follow along with this paranormal romance every Thursday and Friday.


  1. What a great piece! I'm so glad you were inspired by some of the pieces you've seen today. I wanted #BlogFlash2012 to be accessible to everyone, even if they couldn't take part every single day!

    1. Thank you so much for your visit and awesome sauce words!

  2. Papercut made a thought provoking subject. I cannot wait until you write more.

    Bunny's Review

    1. There is tons more associated with this piece. These characters are from my Paranormal romance book, Wrath on Earth. Currently it is being posted for free on my blog every Thursday and Friday, Hope you'll drop by and take a peek :-) Thank you again for your comment!

  3. I checked "awesome stuff" because that's how I feel about it!

    1. Thank you so much for your awesome sauce comment! I'm really loving my characters for my WIP Wrath on Earth. Hope you'll stop by and follow along with the story being posted every Thursday and Friday!