Monday, August 6, 2012

Brother's Picnic - Flash Fiction

Brother's Picnic

Flash Fiction 
Side story to Wrath on Earth

“This is no Sunday school picnic!”

“Well I won’t be blessing anything, if that’s what you mean.” I rubbed my eyes to remove what seemed like black ink leaking from my pupils.

“This can’t be happening.” Panic rose in her voice.

“Would you have rather I let you be food for my brother?” The thought had crossed my mind to let him have her but then I had this nagging ache in my belly. It just proceeded to worsen as the seconds wore on. Phasing took a lot out of this body but I was gaining more control and becoming stronger.


“Vyllerei’s food isn’t just eating. It’s overindulgence of anything and everything including your flesh.” I knew my brother wouldn’t be satisfied unless she had died while eating the body he was wearing. He’s done it before with the pretty ones. So beautiful he could eat them up and he wanted them to think he was just as beautiful.

Part of me was angry that he had the option of discarding his body and finding another and another part of me was angry for the wrong reasons. It was sick to think I would be so upset if he had used Elsa that way.

Something was wrong with me.

“You’re eyes are black.” Elsa stepped forward and touched my cheek.

I don’t feel like the demon I was months ago.

“You’re safe.” I held her hand to my face then pulled her close. I won’t let him have her.

250 words

Stevie McCoy

Note: Vyllerei = German for Gluttony

This Flash Fiction inspired by #unZombie prompt by

The prompt I chose to include in my piece was : “This is no Sunday school picnic!”
What Flash Fiction can you come up with using this prompt phrase?

This Flash Fiction is based on the story WRATH ON EARTH, You can follow along with this paranormal romance every Thursday and Friday.


  1. I loved this when I read it over on zombiemechanics but didn't realise it was a partner piece. So many questions need answered I'm gonna have to find time to read Wrath on Earth. Great writing :)

    1. Thank you so much for your supportive words! Wrath on Earth is my current mannie that I'm posting here every thurs& fri. Hope you enjoy it and comments are loved like fluffy cupcakes with invisible calories!

  2. "I don’t feel like the demon I was months ago." - I love this line! Great flash piece!