Friday, July 27, 2012

Into the Living Part 4

Into the Living - Chapter 1 Part 4

A darkness saturated my eyes and I looked down at the cracked ground below me. Laughing I used what strength I had left to part through the barriers of this world’s material matter to avoid his questions. I hated answering stupid questions. Why else would a boy be under a bridge? Suicide attempt gone wrong or perhaps I was just up to no good. Either one would’ve been true. I wasn’t about to explain myself to him but mostly that man wasn’t what I was after.

There’re too many laws, too many protocols, and too much red tape to cross in this world to do just about anything. But that’s what made this place so wonderful. The more barriers broken the more they tore themselves up inside. To see them struggle was so much more entertaining than to see their hollow shell by the time they came to me.

I could feel this sensation turning inside me like the heat of my existence was boiling my insides. I stopped to lean against a wall. My stomach churned and its contents bubbled to the surface.

“Are you alright?” The wall asked.

It gave way as I fell upon it. I looked up to see a girl.

“I said, are you alright?” She asked again.

Such a stupid question, really. If I was alright would I be leaning on her? Let alone mistaking her for a wall?

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The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun: Preview: "Footsteps stomped down the stairs, “What are you doing bringing him into our home?”



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Into the Living Part 3

Into the Living -Chapter 1 Part 3

“So you shall have.” The sound rumbled in my ears and I could see him in my mind smiling wickedly. Displeased with my actions I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I heard from him.

The Earth beneath me cracked and lifted assisting me to a standing position. My knees gave way and as I fell I could feel the water ravage my throat as it rushed from my lungs. Grabbing for my neck the shock had me gasp for air. Breathing. I’d never had the need before.

A sharp pain shuttered through my chest like lightening had struck that very spot. Nails tore through my soaked shirt, my nails, revealing a jagged rise in flesh across my chest and it crawled up my neck sizzling to a stop beside my ear. I heard a scream distant in my mind and becoming louder until I realized that it was my own screams tormenting my ears. This body was in pain. How fascinating. I reveled in the change and smiled as the burn coursed through my veins.

My heart was beating.

My brain was throbbing.

My body ached.

He had made me living.

I was alive.

My hand lifted to touch the burn on my neck. A momentary touch sent my head lurching away. I felt the pain. The burn still felt fresh with fire and I laughed.

“I am alive.”

“Hey! What are you doing down there?” A man that looked to be in an official uniform called out to me.

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The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun: Preview: "I hated answering stupid questions. Why else would a boy be under a bridge." 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Into the Living Part 2


Into the Living - Chapter 1 Part 2

He won’t survive the fall.

I’ll take over where he left off.

Moisture in the air lapped at my closed eyelids. It surprised me and I opened my mouth to feel it on my tongue. I then opened my eyes and I could see the water collapsing around me. My body began to twitch and then I remembered why. Air.

It’s something I needed.

The new me needed air.

I could feel him writhe around aimlessly searching for this substance. His feet were kicking, arms flailing, and then I could feel the resign. Finally, I was free.

Whoever this boy was; it didn’t matter. He’s spirit had left the vessel. I struggled to move each weighed limb to shore. Each muscle was swollen and felt like sacks of molten rocks. The body floated to the surface and I lied there in silence face down in the dirt ridden water. I stared at the flecks of leaves rotating around me and wondered why this body was so difficult. Once the spirit was gone I was told that controlling the body should’ve been so much easier, no resistance.

“What are you doing?” A voice called to me.

The resonance in the tone reminded me of my father.

And no doubt that was exactly who it was.

Angered by how uncooperative the body was I held out the hand and concentrated. The water boiled and recoiled against me flinging the lifeless form to the concrete shore.

“Doing what I should’ve done a long time ago.” The words gurgled from my mouth as the water overflowed from the sides of my lips.

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The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun: Preview: "A sharp pain shuttered through my chest like lightening had struck that very spot."


Writer's Prompt: Becoming a zombie, in 250 words or less make a flash fiction piece about the process of becoming or creating a zombie.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Into the Living Part 1

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Into the Living

Chapter 1 Part 1

A salt mine lived in my throat absorbing any moisture and creating a burning ache as the dead flesh cracked. Like my throat life was barren with a yearning for more. More of anything and everything but mostly I craved a type of entertainment.

As I watched the tormented souls recount their living errors I sighed. The deserts of my home held nothing of importance. I held no meaning for these souls. I didn’t bring them here. I don’t do anything but make sure they continued to suffer in their own misery. It was boring and the mere look of constant sorrow on their faces boiled my blood.

The Inbetween was another story. The more happiness they had the more the sorrow of their mistakes ate them up inside. I’d heard so many stories about being one of them with all of their imperfections.

That’s what made them so wonderfully beautiful.

All of those failures, insecurities, and flaws.


But the only way to go there and play with them was to partially be one of them. Take on human form. Sure I’ve had plenty of them here but their souls were already so shattered even before they reached me. It was time for a change. It was time to do more than just watch.

I held up a shard of glass and smirked.

A boy appeared leaning over the edge of a bridge. His fingers were lightly clinging to the rails with the wind upon his face.

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The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun:
Preview: "My body began to twitch and then I remembered why... Air, it’s something I need."


Writer's Prompt:  Beauty of Imperfection - Be inspired by imperfection and the beauty in it to create your own flash fiction piece of 250 words or less.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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The second son of the Devil, Wrath, was overcome with the need to influence humans on a more direct basis as a young boy fell to his death. What was only going to be a short vacation on the Inbetween "Earth" became the start of his life as part human when his father decided to merge his tainted soul with the rental body making him... Alive. Thrown into more than just a human host Wrath was forced to take part in high school where his existence was for the first time a choice to between being good or remaining evil.

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