Friday, July 20, 2012

Into the Living Part 2


Into the Living - Chapter 1 Part 2

He won’t survive the fall.

I’ll take over where he left off.

Moisture in the air lapped at my closed eyelids. It surprised me and I opened my mouth to feel it on my tongue. I then opened my eyes and I could see the water collapsing around me. My body began to twitch and then I remembered why. Air.

It’s something I needed.

The new me needed air.

I could feel him writhe around aimlessly searching for this substance. His feet were kicking, arms flailing, and then I could feel the resign. Finally, I was free.

Whoever this boy was; it didn’t matter. He’s spirit had left the vessel. I struggled to move each weighed limb to shore. Each muscle was swollen and felt like sacks of molten rocks. The body floated to the surface and I lied there in silence face down in the dirt ridden water. I stared at the flecks of leaves rotating around me and wondered why this body was so difficult. Once the spirit was gone I was told that controlling the body should’ve been so much easier, no resistance.

“What are you doing?” A voice called to me.

The resonance in the tone reminded me of my father.

And no doubt that was exactly who it was.

Angered by how uncooperative the body was I held out the hand and concentrated. The water boiled and recoiled against me flinging the lifeless form to the concrete shore.

“Doing what I should’ve done a long time ago.” The words gurgled from my mouth as the water overflowed from the sides of my lips.

268 words
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The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun: Preview: "A sharp pain shuttered through my chest like lightening had struck that very spot."


Writer's Prompt: Becoming a zombie, in 250 words or less make a flash fiction piece about the process of becoming or creating a zombie.

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