Monday, October 22, 2012

Seeing Vs Feeling Description Writing

Seeing Vs Feeling Description Writing


Most people I’ve communicated with, I say communicated because I haven’t necessarily seen them in person or talked with them on the phone for that matter (most of the world is interweb connected these days), would say that as they write they see the story in their mind’s eye like a movie screen.

I admit that the movie screen scenario is something I do myself.

You may be wondering why is that relevant? Or that I make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Well I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, on the contrary, movie screen mode really helps a writer visualize and work through a story.

BUT, oh I knew that you knew there would be a but in here, writing only in movie screen mode limits the descriptive power of most things which gives the reader an opportunity to glaze (skim) over the vegetables to get back into the meat of the action.

That is the case because movie is mostly visual based, seeing images flashing before your eyes.

The eyes are only one particular sense that we have as humans to remember and be a part of a story.

To be honest the eyes and visual senses are so commonly used as a descriptor that even I can wash over potentially important information in a book or story if that is the main source of information about my surroundings.

What catches our hearts are the less knowingly used senses that evoke powerful memories and feelings much more so than seeing alone.

Smells – 
When you smell fresh linens basking in the lavender winds…

Sounds – 
The sound of crunching twigs beneath your feet and crisp Fall leaves…

Tactile feelings – 
Horripilation surfacing on the back of your neck at the prospect of being watched.

Taste – 
Those lips tasted like fresh peaches moist, sweet, and I was the one harvesting them.

Touching things, smelling things, hearing things, tasting things are a whole lot more powerful than most anything you can write about using just sight.

Enhance your descriptions by combining the senses. Make it that much more difficult for a reader to even think about skimming your hard earned words.

Choose but choose wisely

While you edit through your writing ask yourself,

What senses am I using here?”, 
Is it soley visual?” , 
What other senses can be used to enhance the image?

Take a moment to look at the following picture and describe it…