Thursday, August 2, 2012

Into the Living Part 5

 Into the Living - Chapter 1 Part 5

 “I am…” My words were stunted as the contents of this boy’s stomach were excreted to pavement. He had swallowed so much water that for the most part that’s what it was.

“Uhhh.” She looked at her shoes with a pained expression, “Can you make it to the restroom?”

I looked around my brain was muddled.

“It’s over here.” She answered assisting my barely mobile body into a building, “Mom! Can you help me? This boy was outside our house barfing. He got it on my shoes!”

Footsteps stomped down the stairs, “What are you doing bringing him into our home?” She looked concerned, “He could’ve been drinking. He could be preparing to…”

“Does he look like he’s capable right now? He’s barely standing. Look.” She said as I felt my body falling. The wood flooring seemed soft then her mother gasped as a groan escaped my lips.

“Would you rather I left him to be like this outside our house?”

“We’re not taking him inside our home. I’m grabbing my keys we’ll take him to the hospital.”

“He might get into trouble that way.” She looked at me with sympathetic eyes. I rolled my own as I felt this body ache in ways I couldn’t even remember feeling before. Getting in trouble with this world’s authority was the least of any worries if I had them.

“Well then that was his own doing but we’ll not stand around pretending we’re doctors when he could need a stomach pumping or something.”
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The journey of the demon Wrath has only just begun: Preview: "She took my face in her hands and stared deeply into my eyes, “You have a choice to live.”


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  1. Really loving this, am interested to see how the interaction with the 'boy' and this new family work out :) your descriptions are really great, am going to have to take notes hehe