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Disclaimer: These are my unedited works. An editor should not try to successfully edit their own words without a backup set of eyes, as our brains would only auto-fill with the voices of our characters.

Flash Fiction Side Quests
Same Characters - Same Story but not included in the Novel ... Think of them as deleted scenes.
08/01/12 "Papercut“She placed her finger in her mouth and suckled on her wound. This, I thought, was beautiful."

08/02/12 "Brother's Picnic"Would you rather I let you be food for my brother?"
Chapter 1: Into The Living
Part 1: "The Inbetween was another story."

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Below are the wins and finalist flash fiction story entries from various contests around the web o'sphere from twitter tags #motivationmonday #menagemonday #tuesdaytales #55wordchallenge #5minutefiction #thursthreads #fridaypictureshow #humpdaychallenge

Flash Fiction can be a vital tool to better your writing craft and generate ideas to prevent writer's block. Engage around the internet and expand your author presence! 

07/23/12 week 37
"Just a morsel of a tale, but what a hilarious twist on the language faux pas. I love how in a very compact amount of space you conveyed an entire world and story. That’s finesse at its finest. Congratulations!" - Judge
No Cooking
By Stevie McCoy

The sign read, "No howling." Yet it seemed to act more like an invitation. Those who read it took no heed to follow the warning.
And it was a warning. They obviously didn’t understand what inflection they’re using when belting out in the moonlight.
They could’ve been saying anything. And it would be in their best interest not to say something rude.
I heard the howls in the distance and shook my head.
It wasn’t rude, this time, but it always lifted his spirits when he thought there’s someone else out there like him. He won’t be happy when he finds that the howls were merely trespassers ignoring the sign.
I shrugged.
I didn’t like cooking anyways.
At least my husband wouldn’t go hungry.
124 words

Week 30 Winner
July 12th 2012

Prompt: “Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing.”
“Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing.” Jayden paused looking up into Micha’s red-lined pupils solemnly. This wasn’t her idea of perfect vacation but she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.
“I’ll tell you whatever you wish to hear.” Micha took her hand in his. Petting her hand with a soft thumb he proceeded to smile in opposition to his stone set face.
“Tell me, please.” Her insistence, she could tell, grated on Micha’s patience; his hand twitched trying to hold back the irritation from boiling over. Jayden was thankful, for a moment, at having her angelic powers bottled up; it meant she couldn’t feel his deep seeded anger and pain piercing at her human flesh.
“Your life isn’t ending only changing.” He led her further into what seemed like an endless desert.
“How long will I stay here?”
“Don’t be daft Jayden, this is your new home,” Jayden looked around at the red dirt and the steaming cracks creeping up the rocky walls, “This is the outskirts obviously we won’t be staying here; I plan on giving you the royal treatment.”
Jayden swallowed feeling the scratch in her throat from the dry air. It made her nervous the more being down here became and felt more real. This wasn’t a dream and the “royal treatment” probably didn’t mean massages and fluffy bunnies.
“Welcome to Hell, my sweet bird.”
235 words

Week 28 Winner

December 28th 2011
Entry 22

Winner (click here)

Resolution, Tired, Illuminate, Regrets, Booze

I am Rob Wells:

I regretted not being more like my best friend Rob. He was sociable, funny, and a babe magnet. Going out for booze was a short adventure ending with leaving me, the wing man, picking up the tab and illuminating my own way home. I was tired of lurking in his shadow.
It was my new year’s resolution that I would be Rob; I’m Rob but better.
“Rob.” I turned and so did my best friend towards the scantily clad woman.
She smiled at me and took my hand.
The transformation was complete.
No more regrets.
I’ve taken over my life now.
I am Rob Wells.
December 16th 2011

Friday Picture Show WINNER!

Prompt 8
“I feel…” I took one strong whiff of a mesmerizing concoction that reminded me of a pine tree right after a crisp rainfall. It had my mind reeling and my heart thumping against the inside of my ribcage.
Like a beacon I followed the toxic fumes down the banister and around the corner.
“Did you sleep well Bird?” Gabriel’s voice was like a low vibrating cello string pulling me deeper into a nonsensical consciousness.
“I feel…”
“I’ve been waiting for you.” He smirked.
A burning numbness coursed slowly through my veins.
It was too late.
I was under his spell.
100 words

Notes from the judge:  @theglitterlady: This was an exceptionally difficult but eventually inescapable decision for me. What makes this story a dark horse winner, for me, is the subtle sensory engagement of it. In a mere 100 words, the reader is provided sights, sounds, touches, scents and perhaps even the taste of the noxious fumes. It sneaks up on you and almost evaded me in its quiet but masterful delivery. I extend a hearty huzzah and a bow to the skill of The Glittery One.

Honorable Mention 6/15/12 " Love the supernatural take on this one.  I was curious about just what or who the narrator is and where their world is. " - @Angelique_Rider

The mind is a powerful tool; as he gazed into my eyes he saw exactly what I wanted him to see. I brushed my hand across the thin air that to him was tall lilacs swaying in the wind. The smell wafted into his nostrils enhancing the experience.
“Hello.” He called to me.
I blushed and turned my face away. Standing up I ran away further into the abyss behind the mirror. I was a girl that wanted to be chased and he obliged.
Dragging him deeper into my world; I smiled.
It’s been a long time.
I was hungry.
100 words

Week 18 Winner

October 12th 2011
( WINNER! ) Check HERE
Shameless, sapphire, tattoo, accent, presidential
Living up to my mother’s expectations of presidential status is even more difficult since she left. My eyes are always a shade duller than her brilliant sapphire orbs. Being late to class today I could hear her accented tone of shameless disapproval echoing in my ears, “There is no place for excuses.”
She’s right.
A single white lily with those words were tattooed to my ankle reminding me of what I need to accomplish.
Graduation is tomorrow but today my gown will be the color of her murderer’s blood.
There are no excuses for letting him forget.
Because I haven’t.
100 words

Notes from the judge @thansenwrites: With just a few sentence her character had the most...well...character! And she had a plan and a motive and issues and I want to know more!

Week 17 October 5th 2011
Entry 13 (FINALIST)
week 17 Finalist marked : Saddest Story Ever

Labor, Corrupt, Horseradish, Aces, Turf
The water trailed down the turf of my body washing away the cascade of memories in my mind. Each one corrupted by my own making. Jake was everything I should want in a man. Security, compassion, funny, and smart; if there was a check list for what I want in a man he aced all marks.
“I put towels in the dryer so it’s warm!” Jake called out.
I felt trapped in this perfectly labored bubble.
Forced smile, stiff hug, and wrapped in hot horseradish dressing.
“I’ll be out soon!” I let the blood rush down my wrists.
I’m out.
100 words
Week 12 Aug 31st 2011
Entry 8 (Finalist)
After 7 entries, My 8th entry finally made it as a finalist:  Best giggle-snort inducer

Lumpy, Riot, Glaze, Thrust, Amorphous
People have told me that I shouldn’t be with you. You’re unhealthy, lumpy, tart, and dangerous. It’s what I love about you. The thought of you being here, in this room, sitting on my kitchen counter top has my fingers eagerly waiting to thrust into your velvet insides. You know what happens when you’re bad. I’ll caress my cheek against your pale delectable surface. When I feel the amorphous slime of your interest against my skin I’ll gather your glazed sugar in my mouth tantalizing my taste buds. Still too distant. I need you or I’ll riot against myself to consume you, Lemon Cake.

Challenge 5 WINNER!

October 17th 2011
photo: flooded city , phrase: “Nothing Left to”, prompt: title starting with X

 Xanadu- Ode to Breathe
Like rust beneath the surface of a drowning city I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my remaining days. If ever a piece of iron could be living it was when water and air corrode it. Only then is it more than just metal; it breathes. I am just a robot in the monotonous routine of the world just waiting to live. It’s unfortunately that only when we are dying do we truly start to expand and fill our iron lungs with air. Protecting myself from the elements is what preserves my embalmed body but I am not afraid of oxygen anymore.
There is nothing left to indulge in but to risk my existence to another.
“When I met you my world stopped, for just a moment. When our eyes met I knew that I was no longer numb to the world. No longer blinded by the incoherent goals of my days I know now. Will you drown with me? In the ocean of our love?”
Will you drown with me?
You make me breathe.
I am alive.

184 words

D. Ryan ( @DRyanLeask ) judgemaster says: Wow! What a cool way to look at things and to bring a Robot to life!  I love the way that you looked at how iron rusts and deteriorates as a form of life and delved into that in only 200 words.  Gave me a real sense of feeling for your character.

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