Thursday, September 27, 2012

InterroBANG - Grammar


Okay, so I was browsing through my email inbox and, yes I'm a subscriber of the word of the day from both and, I came across the word interrobang.

It was just such an intriguing word that I couldn't resist spreading the word of its existence.

The Interrobang Zine
I have, when I was younger, frequently combined a question mark with an exclamation point, for combined effort of both shock and question, but had NOOoo idea what the name for such a combination was. The definition of such an instance faded to the background as this combination was never used again after high school note passing ended.

Interro - Is the technical name for a question mark
Bang - Is the slang for the exclamation mark


Now I have this strong urge to always call an excited exclamation a BANG!

But it's still important to note that the Interrobang should be used with caution because not everything is worthy of the shock and awe factor of the combination of the question with a bang.

I also had this urge to find places with the word Interrobang... and found the Interrobang Zine and their twitter the @IBANG  <--- This one made my thoughts go down the gutter.

Anyways, I suppose my rant on the Interrobang is done for now.
@TheGlitterlady signing off

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