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Review Sign Up

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Welcome to review sign up. This website will grow as the review program grows. This review service (FOR FREE) is not for profit, this was born out of the desire to help authors spread the love, especially smaller press, or indie authors, to help power through that initial review lag that can be the death of books before they even begin. All reviews will be honest and done in a colloquial, sometimes sassy, manner.

Acceptance: All books accepted onto the waitlist/to-read list are emailed once a month on or around the 20th. So, if you do not receive an email please take this as a polite not right now, or I'm not the right market for your book. Also, sometimes a book gets missed in the emails, so it might get caught up in the next months 20th round up. Also, any books categorized as DNR (Did Not Read) due to whatever reason, this does not disqualify the author from resubmitting that same book or other books that address the issues that caused the DNR to begin with. If there is a resubmit without addressing the reasons it was DNR then all future projects will not be accepted by that author.

Find out what I do or do not accept as far as reviews go.

If you can't fit into these categories somehow then this review site is not for you:

Reviews will be based on the Wing System (available for review on the REVIEWS page)

Step 1: Sign up below for the Review, it also signs you up for our Mailing list (which will not send you something more than once a month) This mailing list will be used to pay it forward so you are notified of news/reviews/blog/free books/promotions all packed into one newsletter. Your email will not be sold or used for other purposes, and will not blow up your inbox. If you are not setup on this listing, then I can not send you the acceptance email, as I use Mailchimp to send my emails out. Once a month you'll get an email that has all the posts on this blog made in that month in a digestible email format.

Note: Please add "REVIEW" in the description field. This will also weed out people who don't follow directions. If you are resubmitting, please add "RESUBMIT" to your email to me. The description field is not for a description of your novel, please just put "REVIEW" or "RESUBMIT" or "BLOGTOUR"

(signup form on this page is removed until this blog is back up and running)

Step two: Email stevie (dot) mccoy (at) gmail (dot) com

(If all you do is sign up above and do not email me the following information then I will A) Not have your book available to read and B) Will probably miss your entry in the mass of other subscribers)

Please label your email:  REVIEW REQUEST (TITLE) (GENRE)
(Unless this is a request for a BLOGTOUR, then put that instead, also include what type of thing you are looking for a Blitz, Giveaway, or Interview style.)

Items to include:

Submitter(if not the author):
Description: (100 words or less)
About the Author:(100 words or less)
Word Count/Page count: (If your novel is larger than 95k, and is not a stand alone, your book better be super impressive, otherwise I might not take on your book just for the sheer mass of it being overwhelming.)
Goodreads link:
Amazon link:
Publishing date: (or release date if ARC)
Date preferred for posting review: (on or after this date kind of thing)

Send MOBI file only (If sending a physical copy please state this and an address will be provided, do not use the address listed on the bottom of the mailing emails, it will not get to me.)
Currently will not read from PDF, or EPUB.

TADA! And then you go off and search for other lovely reviewers for your book. Go forth and multiply!

A requested review page will be added upon further development of the review program. This page will be a page authors and readers can check to see what upcoming reviews are being processed and who is on the list to be read. Also, reading list will be available through goodreads.

All Reviews will be given an Amazon Review by Heaven's Fiction Reviews, a review on Goodreads, and a review or editor's feedback on the blog. Eventually this will also include YouTube Videos. Also, all reviews from these sites will be posted to social media through Twitter @AuthorMarie

Please be aware that by submitting your work/material for review the author is agreeing to the terms of having the review posting on this site, related material for posting that review, and if the review is less than 3-Wings having the book be including in the Editor's Feedback section, the author then has the option of responding back to my email with their permission/approval to submit the review star as a two or one to places like Amazon, if no response is received it will remain as an Editor's Feedback and an unstared review on Goodreads. Please feel free to read up on how even a bad review can be helpful for your books here: How Writers Can Benefit From a Negative Book Review by BookBaby.

All authors are agreeing to a code of conduct that if they are unsatisfied with the review they are to be professional. Any and all inappropriate negative commentary will be deleted, or used as an example of bad behavior in a future post, as this space is a place of positive energy, and honest opinions. These reviews are meant to assist and help authors and readers alike. Reviews are merely one person's opinion on a book, anything reviewed that is less than positive is not a ding on the author's book, but possibly a mismatch of finding the wrong market. This is merely one review in the market sea of many opinions, please keep this in mind. Also, I do provide a small positive blurb with each Editor's Feedback, for the author's use.

On a more positive note, I'm super excited to delve in and look forward to reading your stuff! Please know that if you receive an email back about not being able to add you to the waitlist to be reviewed, that it is probably because the description of your book falls outside of the market I represent, or that the concept was not for me. I turn down these books, not because I'm a mean reviewer, but because I aim to mediate potentially getting less than a three-wing review based on interest and not on content. Also, with being a reviewer backlog becomes an issue, and I'd hate to have an author waiting forever for a review and then keep on getting it pushed off because I found another concept more appealing at the time. This is why I have the six-month rule. Also, I do hope even if your book is not accepted, that you'll stay signed up with our listing, because there is always another book, and who knows, maybe you'll find something free, fun and interesting in the monthly newsletter.

Authors Supporting Authors, Readers supporting Readers. Read on my friends.

Thank you again for leaving your precious novel in my hands.