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Dee Ann Waite Making Penguins Fly with Queries and Writing

Part 2 of the Penguins Fly Series
on Queries and Writing
by: Stevie McCoy
Guest Author: Dee Ann Waite
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Writers are out there submitting queries like mad penguins – dressed to impress and waddling for a chance to fly – but for today’s writer, Dee Ann Waite, (Author of "The Consequential Element") she had the contract in hand from a traditional press and still decided self-publishing was the best bet for her.

An agent from New York raved about Dee Ann Waite's, "writing style and voice, praised [her] future as a writer, and told [her] that [she] had her captivated right from the beginning." She signed with that agent and then she quit the agency. "That's the life of a writer, no certainties in this industry, " said Dee Ann. Wow! Not only did she find an agent that was on her side and excited for her novel, but then lost her all in one foul swoop. Talk about writer drama.

Writers have stories from all phases in their career but the writer's attitude makes all the difference. When Dee Ann struggled on her route towards traditional publishing she said that not one of the rejections from agents, etc. ever made her doubt her choice to write. "As a writer, you have to understand that there are people – let it be agents, publishers, or readers – that are going to love you, and some who will not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including me. I believe in my skill set as an author and in my success as one, too."

Dee Ann was even willing to show us her winning query letter that won her a contract with a small press publisher; however, she did turn that down for the route of self-publishing. (Check out her reasons why on the previous Penguins Fly post.)

Dee Ann Waite's partial query letter:

"Forgiveness: There are those who seek it, those who try to accomplish it, and those who would rather die than consider it.

When DANNI MONTGOMERY - a survivor of a rebel raid on an African village fifteen years earlier – had been rescued from the grips of OBASANJI, the rebel leader of that army, she'd thought she'd lost her soul forever. Now, a new fear lurks within the confines of her world. Danni receives a cryptic letter written by her uncle ROLAND DUPRE, her only living relative, who has mysteriously disappeared somewhere deep within the African Congo."
So how did Dee Ann finish writing a 115k word novel? She said it had everything to with her desire to complete something, "I've started many projects during the course of my life, and left many of them undone. It's left me with a sense of limbo, a sense of being incomplete. I had to complete this for myself. I can't tell you the feeling of self-satisfaction that I've received from this [experience]. Sort of like -- I'm not a failure."

Now I was curious what her favorite quote from her novel was, and I'm pretty sure you would be equally impressed by it as I was. 

"The medic holds a stethoscope to her chest and she [Danni] says softly, 'You won't find anything there.'" 

Dee Ann Waite said, "There have been times in my life when I've felt that way -- my heart was missing, or dead." 

Well, I'm sure all of us can agree that Dee Ann is feeling more alive than ever after completing the feat of completing her first debut novel and deciding to self-publish it to boot! Take a look at Dee Ann Waite’s self-published novel “The Consequential Element” for sale in eBook format on Amazon at

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